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Resume Details

Resume Title:Cheryl E. McCullough, Ph.D.

Desired Job Title:Research and Pharmaceutical Development

Resume Description:

Cheryl E. McCullough, Ph.D. 

I am an enthusiastic biochemist with over 10 years of laboratory research experience seeking a position in research and development of pharmaceuticals. I am a team player who interacts productively with all ranges of personalities, and I have a strong ability to be coached and embrace change.  


 Ph.D. Chemistry (Biological) 2016
 B.S. Chemistry 2010
Ph.D.      University of Pennsylvania, Advisor: Ronen Marmorstein

Chemistry          Dissertation: Molecular Characterization and Inhibition of the MYST

(Biological)         Acetyltransferase, hMOF 

B.S.        Kent State University (Honors College)

Chemistry     Summa Cum Laude with University Honors

2010            Thesis: The Effects of Ceramide-1-Phosphate Phase Behavior on PTEN                                         Binding and Activity, Advisor: Arne Gericke

• Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Inspire Award (2017, 2018)

• NIH Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Training Grant (#5T32GM008275-23) (2012-2014)

• Chemistry Undergraduate Student Excellence Award (2010)

• Semi-finalist for Frank and Sarah McKnight Prize in Biophysics and Quantitative Biology (2009)
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Contact Information: Cheryl E. McCullough
Phone: 724-480-8675
Fax: NA