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Resume Title:Shreyas Krishnan, Ph.D.

Desired Job Title:Sr. Scientist

Resume Description:

                          Shreyas Krishnan, Ph.D.                          |  469.835.5478  |  


 Personal summary ?

  • Geneticist ?
  • Molecular biologist and bioinformaticist
  • Industry experience (SAP implementation)
  • US permanent resident

I am not intimidated to dive into fields that are novel to my training. The questions I have addressed in my different research roles track diverse sub-fields of biology, exposing me along the way to new concepts, tools and techniques, and analyses. These questions have the common thread to understand how diversity arises and maintains at the ecological, molecular, and genetic levels, and to leverage this knowledge to understand human and veterinary medical conditions. Finally, I am constantly tuning my training, mentoring and management techniques to make me an effective communicator, leader, and scientist.  

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Contact Information: Shreyas Krishnan, Ph.D.
Phone: 469.835.5478
Fax: NA