BioNorthTX Member Affinity Purchasing Programs

Texas sized savings to improve your bottom line and extend your capital resources!

In an industry where companies need to maximize the value of every dollar they spend, the BioNorthTX Member Affinity Program provides members with significant volume-based discounts, and enhanced services. Companies of all sizes can expect to save an average of 20% on their essential business and lab expenditures. With offerings that include everything from lab supplies, to office supplies, to specialty gases and shipping, participating members can easily save upwards of 15-25 times their annual membership dues.

BioNorthTX Member Affinity Purchasing Programs

The goal of the BioNorthTX Member Affinity Programs and Purchasing Committee, is to provide members with the procurement resources needed to reduce the overall costs for products and services they need most.

How do we do it?

BioNorthTX is affiliated with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) through a partnership with Texas Healthcare and BioScience Institute (THBI). Because of this partnership, our members are eligible to use BIO Business Solutions savings programs and contracted providers. Member organizations across the state of Texas are savings hundreds of dollars each month. Participating members can easily save more than they pay in annual membership dues and frequently recover their initial investment within the first quarter of participating in the BioNorthTX Purchasing Group. BioNorthTX members are free to participate on any or all contracts, at their discretion.

Save now and get benefits from these vendor partners

For specific details about a program, contact the corporate partner directly by clicking HERE, or contact BIO at (888) BIO-1SAVE (888-246-1728). You can also talk to us directly as well by contacting Terry Foster, bionorthTX CEO at 281-216-7436, or Board Member Kay Tieman at 214-527-4485. We  would be happy speak to you about the Impact this program can have on your companies purchasing effectiveness.

Coming Soon!

BioNorthTX will also offer direct partnership agreement discounts in other business areas soon. Check back with us for details in the coming months!