Presage Solutions, Inc. Enables Faster Growth, Smoother Sailing for Small Pharma and Healthcare Companies

Fort Worth, TX- January 23, 2018 — Growth prospects for small pharma businesses in 2018 are on fire. Investors are speculating that U.S. corporate tax reform will spur M&A. The average number of venture capital investments in small pharma and healthcare keep climbing.  But while small pharma and healthcare firms focus their early years on gaining a market foothold, meeting compliance requirements, and attracting investment/acquisition interest, a challenge often strikes companies’ back-end operations: IT scaling.

In response, Fort Worth, TX-based Presage Solutions Inc. , which specializes in small pharma and healthcare companies in Texas, announced today limited-time (January through March 2018) network security assessments at no charge for small and medium-sized businesses in need of IT support services. These assessments yield a 400- to 500-page report detailing every on-premises computer and application along with prospective weaknesses, ramifications, and opportunities for remediation.

Businesses start with a few computers and the barest infrastructure. They add technology in patchwork fashion when needs demand it, but rarely is there an IT plan. By the time that five-person firm reaches 25 seats, bottlenecks manifest across file sharing, server resources, communications, and much more. Most small businesses lack the in-house IT expertise to remedy these issues – often with dire results unless corrective help arrives.

“Presage does not want to replace existing IT departments. We typically aide established IT groups, or serve as a contracted IT provider for small businesses, especially those in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Services span from application development (for example, Hamilton created FoQIS for nursing facilities) to help desk, to implementing hybrid cloud architectures, all across Presage’s own co-located server racks,” said Jay Hamilton, Founder & CEO of Presage Solutions, Inc.

Al Guillem and ZS Pharma have been working with Presage for over a decade. Guillem brought Hamilton and Presage Solutions in to establish or bolster the various facets of ZS Pharma’s IT infrastructure and operations. That move, combined with a promising drug for removing excess potassium from the bloodstream, enabled the growth necessary to attract more equity investment and provide ZS Pharma with an infrastructure that could support fast, high-growth scaling.

“There’s an entire infrastructure that needs to operate smoothly around biotech operations, technical and commercial,” said Al Guillem, former president of ZS Pharma. “Everything from accounting to marketing – and that infrastructure is supported by IT systems. Without Presage Solutions, especially when we were small, I don’t know that ZS Pharma could have scaled up as well or as fast as it did. Other service providers might know the IT technology, but Jay [Hamilton] and Presage knew how to apply and manage that IT technology within our environment.  Even as ZS Pharma sprouted an in-house IT department, Presage stayed on to help evolve the new group. Ultimately, AstraZeneca bought ZS Pharma for $2.7 billion and Presage continues to provide service to the growing giant.

Servicing Small Groups in a Big State

Deep experience in life sciences often gives Presage a valuable edge over competing IT services firms. For example, Hamilton has extensive knowledge of industry-specific regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11, which pertains to good manufacturing practices (GLP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and encompasses the validation of IT systems related to product manufacturing, distribution, quality control, and quality assurance. An error in such areas has the potential negative outcome in the face of a recall or similar event. Presage’s life sciences expertise will help implement appropriate policies, procedures, and processes coupled with the technology solutions to help avoid these negative outcomes.

Beyond pharmaceuticals, Hamilton and Presage Solutions have extensive experience in navigating the healthcare market, especially for long-term care. The team understands which technologies best help in meeting HIPPA, PII, QAPI, and other healthcare market requirements – and how to implement them for maximum efficiency. Small companies lacking the staff resources to stay abreast of data mandates may be more profitable in the long-term by bringing in high-expertise managed service help.

“Our biotech startup, EOSERA, managed all of our IT services in-house for as long as we could before realizing we needed a dedicated team of experts to help us better organize our business from a technology standpoint, and better prepare us for rapid growth and expansion,” said Melanie Morris, marketing manager for Fort Worth, TX-based EOSERA.  Presage Solutions has become an extension of our team, and we couldn’t be happier. Presage helped us move to a more sophisticated system for communications and shared calendars, as well as helped build a more robust (and cloud-based) file sharing system. Presage is positioned well to grow with our company and continue helping us prepare for the future.”

About Presage Solutions, Inc.

Presage Solutions, Inc. is a Fort Worth, TX-based managed services firm specializing  in IT support for healthcare and life science companies.  Presage guides small and medium sized business through the growth process with the latest cloud-based IT solutions. Presage offers network-based services, and application development and integrations, with a proven production method which joins people, process and technology to meet the high expectations of enterprise customers. For more information, visit