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  • Top of Texas 2016: Big Exits, Ride-Sharing Leaves Austin, & More December 30, 2016
    As 2016 comes to an end, let’s take a look at some of the more notable stories from Xconomy Texas over the past year. What follows is my highly subjective list of news that we covered in 2016. Notable exits and fundraises: —San Antonio cloud computing company Rackspace was bought by New York private equity […]
    Angela Shah
  • ‘Creepy Bird’ Anyone? Meet San Antonio’s Retro Video Game Developer December 30, 2016
    San Antonio—Video games are big business, and highly dynamic. From the Xbox to virtual reality, how players play has changed quite a bit since the Atari and the NES brought home gaming to the masses. One San Antonio video game developer is riding a wave of renewed interest in older gaming systems, starting a business […]
    David Holley
  • Despite Political Rhetoric, Staff Diversity Remains a Top Priority December 30, 2016
    I don’t think the election of Donald Trump as president does much to bolster those in tech working on creating a more inclusive and diverse industry, but I will continue to be a champion for it nonetheless. Specifically, I’ve ended 2016 by doubling our team at Localeur and introducing an Advisory Board, both of which […]
    Joah Spearman
  • Political Focus on Rust Belt Could Help Boost VC Investment December 29, 2016
    Much has been written in the tech industry as a result of the Presidential election. Many coastal VCs and entrepreneurs believe that Trump’s America-first, anti-immigration platform could put the brakes on the venture industry’s core globalization strategies. While this may be true, regardless of which candidate you supported, most would agree that with chaos and […]
    Blair Garrou
  • 6 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2017: Ransomware, Skills Gap & More December 28, 2016
    In 2016, we saw cyber attacks increasingly shift from external breaches of confidential data to internal disruption of data and services, as attackers used distributed denial of service (DDoS) or encryption to hold businesses hostage. Attackers continue to focus more on exploiting users than technology. Users are often unaware and uneducated about the potential risks, […]
    James Maude
  • East Coast Silicon Valley December 27, 2016
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller Reinvention A few months ago I was talking to executives in charge of innovation at a large U.S. bank. “Our biggest problem is that we look at all this new […]
    Dan Deac
  • Immigration Restrictions, Lack of Healthcare Could Imperil Innovation December 27, 2016
    It’s hard to predict what effect the new administration will have, since we have very little information on any concrete policies they plan to enact. We do know a few things—namely, they are anti-Obamacare and anti-immigration. Decreasing the number of visas granted to highly skilled workers (a likely possibility given Steve Bannon’s comments on Silicon […]
    Shion Deysarkar
  • Ambiq Micro Lands $2,458,624 New Financing Round December 26, 2016
    Feed Type Link Date 12/26/2016 Company Name Ambiq Micro Mailing Address 11305 4 Points Drive West Lake Hills, TX 78726 USA Company Description A semiconductor company with a breakthrough patented technology, Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) that dramatically reduces the amount of power consumed by ICs. Website Transaction Type Venture Equity Transaction Amount […]
  • Texas Roundup: “1st & Future,” “Pink Tank” Pitch Contests, & More December 23, 2016
    As we approach Santa’s annual visit—are your milk and cookies ready?—let’s get caught up with the latest innovation news from Xconomy Texas: —The National Football League has teamed up with the Texas Medical Center to sponsor the 1st & Future startup pitch competition Feb. 4, the day before the Super Bowl takes place in Houston. […]
    Angela Shah
  • Bio Roundup: Crazy ’16, Trials of ’17, Senate on Drugs & More December 23, 2016
    You’ve probably seen the Internet memes. “When 2016 started, I looked like this. [Insert picture of young Leo DiCaprio.] Now I look like this. [Leo, with mountain beard, after mud-wrestling with a grizzly in The Revenant.]” In life science terms, let’s just say all our telomeres feel a lot shorter than 12 months ago. The […]
    Alex Lash

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  • Pfizer Seeks Patent Covering a Friedreich’s Ataxia Therapy That Resverlogix Has Already Developed May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site Pfizer is seeking a European patent on a family of compounds that can treat Friedreich’s ataxia by increasing levels of the frataxin protein that is lacking in the disease. It noted in its patent application that Resverlogix has already developed a therapy called apabetalone (RVX-208) that is based on the […]
    Magdalena Kegel
  • PML Found in Ocrevus-Treated Patient Who Had Used Tysabri for 3 Previous Years May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site A multiple sclerosis (MS) patient treated in Germany with Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) has developed the dreaded brain infection progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML). But it is not clear whether the recently approved Genentech/Roche-developed treatment is the cause. The patient took the last dose of a three-year course of Tysabri (natalizumab) in February. Tysabri is a […]
    Magdalena Kegel
  • Cure SMA Awards OSU’s Stephen J. Kolb $75,000 Grant to Study Motor Neuron Pathology in SMA Piglets May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site Cure SMA has awarded a $75,000 basic research grant to Dr. Stephen J. Kolb of Ohio State University (OSU) for a project that seeks a deeper understanding of motor neuron pathology in spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The project, “Arrested Development or Neurodegeneration? An approach to understand developmental motor […]
    Carolina Henriques
  • Electric Stimulation as a Drug-Free Option for Managing MS Pain May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site One of the biggest ongoing threads we have in the forum I help admin revolves around the subject of pain. We all know how pain can be disabling, or if not disabling, still influential over our moods, our ability to sleep, our energy levels, even the decisions […]
  • Fampyra Granted Standard Approval in Europe as Trial Results Support Effectiveness May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site Fampyra (prolonged-release fampridine tablets) — sold in the U.S. as Ampyra (dalfampridine) — has now been granted standard marketing authorization in Europe. The approval was based on the results of a Biogen-sponsored Phase 3 clinical trial confirming the drug’s safety and efficacy in improving walking in patients […]
    Magdalena Kegel
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe Launches ‘Life Moments with MS’ to Mark May 31, World MS Day May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site May 31 is World MS Day. In its honor, Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe has launched “Life Moments with MS” — a social media campaign to raise awareness about the challenges people with multiple sclerosis (MS) face every day. Teva’s campaign, which uses the hashtag #LifeMomentswithMS, also includes educational resources on […]
  • 7 Things Only Women With Endometriosis Will Understand May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site Endometriosis is a condition that most women have heard of, yet few truly understand the implications of the disease. It often shrugged off, dismissed and belittled with women spending years trying to get diagnosed and treated. Unsolicited advice seems to be part of the package when it comes […]
    Wendy Henderson
  • Preparing for Trips Outside the Home When You Have Children With SMA May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site Leaving the home when you have children with SMA can be challenging. There are many factors to take into consideration to ensure the comfort and safety of your child. MORE: Seven support care areas that can help with SMA. Dany is a mom who understands this all too well. […]
    Wendy Henderson
  • Multiple Sclerosis News Today Named One of’s ‘Best MS Blogs of the Year’ May 25, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site Multiple Sclerosis News Today is proud to announce that we’ve been named one of’s best multiple sclerosis blogs of the year. We’d like to thank for acknowledging our efforts, and we’d especially like to thank our columnists for their incredible dedication, courage, service and passion. Laura Kolaczkowski Laura is […]
    Wendy Henderson
  • Women Worldwide Call for More Endometriosis Research and Efforts to Find a Cure May 24, 2017
    This post was originally published on this site Endometriosis affects about 176 million women worldwide, yet research into its causes and a potential cure are significantly lacking. To reverse that trend, a new effort led by the University of Edinburgh’s Medical Research Centres (MRC) for Reproductive Health and the nonprofit James Lind Alliance has identified 10 priority areas for […]
    Carolina Henriques