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Life Science Members – All dues based on total number of full-time employees worldwide. Definition: Companies and
organizations that working in fields that include: Research, Biotechnology, Medical Device & Equipment, Pharmaceuticals
& Therapeutics, Nanotechnology, Diagnostics, and Product Development/Drug Discovery Firms.

Associate Members – All dues based on total number of full-time employees worldwide. Definition: Companies and
institutions that are not directly involved in commercial biotechnology/life science product development or
commercialization, but share an interest in the industry’s future and provide service or products to Life Science companies.
Examples: Professional Services (consulting, law, insurance, HR Solutions. marketing, VC & investment firms, financial
services, real estate, site selection, product sales & distribution, service IT providers, etc.), Health & Life Science IT (Medical
Records, R&D, Wellness, Revenue Cycle, etc.), Contract Research (Clinical & Pre-Clinical Trials, Trial Data Management),
Marketing, Sales, Laboratories & Testing Services, etc.

Institutional Members – All dues based on total number of full-time employees worldwide. Definition: Institutions and
organizations involved with bioscience research & development, care delivery, education, and advocacy, Clinics/Hospitals,
Colleges/Universities, Research Institutions, Non-Profit Disease Related groups or industry trade associations/professional

Individual members
Definition: Individuals, job seekers and students interested in the life science industry

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leave my organization, I will notify BioNorthTX of my replacement as Member Representative.


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may request an electronic invoice for payment by Credit Card or PayPal.

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BioNorthTX is designated as a 501(c)(6) trade association. Membership dues may constitute a business expense but are not a
charitable deduction at this time.