Biomedical Research Assistant(s)


Biomedical Research Assistant(s)


MDx is seeking energetic self-starters Biomedical Scientist & Engineers to fill a limited number of highly competitive internship opportunities. Ideal for early-career Biomedical Scientists & Engineers interested in the clinical in-vitro diagnostic medical industry. Successful candidates will learn and participate in developing novel medical innovations while expanding professional skills and operational understanding in the IVD industry.


Candidates will support project leads in advancing company’s proprietary Point-of-Care Diagnostic technology and achieving overall business goals. This role will provide opportunity to develop operational knowledge pertaining to invitro diagnostic medical testing, developing FDA regulated medical technology (Regulatory Affairs), and Business Development.


Highly organized, adaptable and work well and in a collaborative team environment while supporting individual project tasks. Excellent oral and written communication, and interpersonal skills are a must.

Minimum: BS or MS with appropriate Life Science (Biomedical Science, Bioinformatics, Epidemiology, Public Health) or Engineering background (Biomedical/Mechanical/Software Engineering), and track record of tackling complex problems with ingenuity and high-level technical and analytical proficiencies.

Preferred: PhD with 0-5years post-graduate research experience with advanced technical and analytical skills and previous experience in one or more areas: i.) Biomarkers & Assay Development / Companion Diagnostics; ii.) Microfluidic test systems; iv.) Development of FDA regulated products; v.) Global Health & Bioinformatics Initiatives.

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We’re an early-stage biotech start-up focused on solving some of the world’s most pressing unmet medical needs and our success will be nothing short of world-changing! We’re developing the stat-MD™ Point-of-Care Diagnostic Platform – a proprietary technology designed to consolidate the depth-of-testing of full-scale clinical laboratories into a catalogue of fully-automated disposable hyperplexing test cartridges, and a small bench-top analytical instrument to equip clinicians worldwide with comprehensive on-site clinical testing that integrates into typical patient examination timeframes.

Our near-term mission to advance the stat-MD™ platform as the tool to equip and integrate healthcare providers worldwide to promote the practice of evidence-based medicine as the harmonized standard of global healthcare, with the long-term mission of extending this tool as the foundation for a commercially self-sustaining Global Health Management, Information, and Surveillance system powerful enough to anticipate and track threats to human and animal health in real-time on a global scale (for the first time ever); and, meet the needs of global healthcare for the next millennium.

Modular Diagnostics, Dallas /Fort Worth TX